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What is REEF?
Founded in 2008, the Rocklin Education Excellence Foundation (REEF) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to student enrichment within the Rocklin Unified School District. The Foundation provides financial and community resources to the schools of the Rocklin Unified School District to enhance and promote educational excellence.

What are REEF’s goals?
REEF’s primary goal is to maximize the benefit of each student’s educational experience from kindergarten through high school graduation so they can achieve their personal best. Consequently, REEF raises and allocates money to create as many options as possible for the achievement of widespread academic excellence in the Rocklin Unified School District. REEF also raises parental and public awareness about the performance and educational needs of the Rocklin Unified School District.How does REEF accomplish its goals?

  • REEF raises funds through generous donations from businesses, businesspeople, families and individuals throughout the Rocklin community.
  • REEF allocates funds to supplement and complement the educational programs, services, activities, and products available to students within the District.
  • REEF listens to the needs of the Rocklin Unified School District and to the schools within the District and allocates funds for programs and products that are used at each grade level within the RUSD.
  • All of REEF’s efforts are aimed to help Rocklin students maximize their education. REEF periodically recognizes significant educational achievement of individual students and schools.
  • Through various fund raisers and campaigns throughout the year, REEF works to make all Rocklin residents and businesses aware of its mission, and to earn and maintain the community’s confidence.
  • REEF strives to be a leader in understanding the importance and future of public education in Rocklin and California.
Who runs REEF?
REEF is governed by a Board of Directors composed of educators, parents and leaders from throughout the Rocklin community. The Board of Directors makes decisions and undertakes action consistent with its mission. Currently, there are 17 board members. (For a list of current Directors, click here)Is REEF part of the Rocklin Unified School District?
No. REEF is a private non-profit public benefit corporation. While REEF and the District are independent of one another, REEF proudly supports the RUSD and its schools and staff who are responsible for educating Rocklin students. While RUSD trustees, administrators and teachers serve on REEF’s Board of Directors, RUSD does not direct or control the operations of REEF.

Is REEF connected to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent Teacher Clubs?
No. PTAs/PTCs typically serve a single school and are usually made up of parents of students currently attending the school. PTAs typically raise funds for distinct projects or products to be used by the school. REEF, on the other hand, does not serve any one school, but rather strives to improve the educational experience of all students in all schools in the District. In addition, REEF’s outlook is not only to meet or exceed present needs in the District, but also to anticipate future educational trends in order to allocate its resources to benefit Rocklin students to the greatest extent possible.

Why should I support REEF?
Few things are more important than educating the children in our community. And we all want the best possible education for not only our own children, but for all Rocklin students. By supporting REEF, you are helping achieve this goal. You are helping Rocklin maintain and develop top notch school experience for Rocklin students. Educational excellence in turn gives rise to so many other community benefits including: a well educated community; hard working, high achieving students, future workers and entrepreneurs; and many other tangible and intangible benefits such as community pride and increased property values typically attendant to high achieving school districts.

How can I help REEF?
You can help the foundation by, of course, donating money to REEF. You can make checks payable to “REEF” and mail them in care of Rocklin Unified School District, 2615 Sierra Meadows Drive, Rocklin, CA 95677. You can also help by participating in events and fundraisers held during the year, and by helping us raise awareness of REEF and its important mission.