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Public Statement by the REEF Board of Directors
February 9, 2015

The Board of Directors of REEF is glad to be a party to preliminary discussions between the Rocklin Unified School District and the City of Rocklin about the future of Club Rocklin. From REEF’s perspective these discussions have always been about how best to continue this essential before and after-school program and ensure a smooth, seamless transition to new leadership and operational management. Club Rocklin fits nicely with our mission to support the needs of students and to promote educational excellence in the school district. If we ultimately play a role in Club Rocklin’s future we will continue to pursue those goals with this new program. As a Board we would not attempt to run the day-to-day operations of Club Rocklin. Rather, we would oversee a contract with a highly-qualified, experienced service provider with roots in our community. We encourage families and staff to be patient for a few weeks to let the process proceed thoughtfully and deliberately.

For further information contact:
Tom DeLapp, REEF Chairman at (916) 315-1409 or info@rocklineducationfoundation.org