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REEF is celebrating it’s 10 Year Anniversary this coming school year and has been supporting and funding a variety of RUSD programs since it began a decade ago!  Highlights of past REEF successes include providing more than 200 new chrome books for our students in need, funding STEM Kits for our Elementary School libraries, and for several years, assisting with funding a variety of  outstanding wellness programs at our middle and high school levels buy clomid in mexico http://vantagehsi.com/expert-hygiene-assistance-healthcare-agency-provide/  

Who Is Eligible To Apply for a REEF Grant:
Any RUSD employee who is presently working in a position with regular supervision of staff or students is eligible to apply. This includes district staff, principals, classroom teachers, media specialists, instructional coaches, related arts/exploratory elective class teachers, and sponsors of student clubs or organizations that are sanctioned by the school or district on behalf of a student or student group.

Types of Grants Offered:
For school year 2019/2020 REEF is offering a variety of grants that are outlined in detail in the guidelines document. Below is a breakdown of the types of grants available:

  1. Foundation Grants: These grants are designed to fund comprehensive programs designed to support, empower and engage students to create positive and supportive campus climates.
    Grant Amounts: Up tp $5,000 (single), $10,000 (group)
  1. Innovative School Resources Grant: Designed to fund larger scale, new and innovative projects that provide inspiration and benefits to students beyond the regularly budgeted instructional materials or activities currently funded by the school or district.
    Grant Amounts: Up to $5,000  
  1. Innovation Grants: Designed to fund a new and innovative project that goes beyond the regular instructional materials or activities currently funded by the school or district.
    Grant Amounts: Up to $1,000 (single), or $2,500 (group)
  1. Student Enrichment Grants: Designed to directly benefit a student or students recognized for exceptional performance, ability or opportunity in the areas of academics or arts.
    Grant Amounts: Up to $500 per participant

How to apply for a REEF Grant:

  1. Download and review the attached guidelines and application in its entirety and gather all required information. The attachments include all the details and answers to important questions you may have.
  2. Once you have gathered the information, complete the attached application.
  3. Submit the completed Grant Application by 4:30pm on Friday, June 28, 2019.  Applications can be dropped off at the RUSD District Office located at 2615 Sierra Meadows Drive, Rocklin, Ca.  Please label it ‘REEF Grant Application.’ You can also email your application to info@rocklinedfoundation.org. Please also put ‘REEF Grant Application’ in the subject line of the email.

 Judging and evaluation of applications will be made over the summer and recipients will be announced before the start of school. REEF Grant recipients will receive notice during summer break giving recipients as much time as possible to plan for the upcoming year.  At this time, the list of all grant recipients will also be placed on the REEF website, www.rocklineducationfoundation.org.  Grants are awarded for projects in the 2019-2020 school year.

FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE: The deadline for REEF Grant submissions is 4:30pm on June 28, 2019.

Guidelines Document


Last Year’s Recipients