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  • REEF allocates funds to supplement and complement the educational programs, services, activities, and products available to students within the District.
  • REEF provided the seed funds to start the Rachel’s Challenge program in Rocklin’s Junior High Schools. This anti-bullying program helps youth understand the impact and consequences of bullying and what they can do to prevent bullying in their school. The program was so successful, that REEF assisted financially to bring the next phase of Rachel’s Challenge to Rocklin High Schools. That new program launched in Fall, 2014.
  • REEF has also provided teacher grants to fund specific needs identified at the classroom levels. Examples include a small library of reading books for an elementary school classroom, specific furniture and teaching aids for the special needs classrooms, software that taught specific concepts to children struggling in certain classes and more.
  • REEF came to the aid of Granite Oaks when the school’s only laser cutter went down and couldn’t be fixed without a part that was needed. Assisting in the purchase of the new part got the school’s shop program running smoothly again.
    These are just a few examples of the many successful ways REEF supports all of the students in the Rocklin Unified School District.