What is the Rocklin Education Excellence Foundation (REEF)?

Established in 2008, the Rocklin Educational Excellence Foundation (REEF) operates as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to enriching the educational experiences of all students within the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD). Our mission is to empower educational excellence by providing both financial and community resources to the schools within the district.

Mission Statement

Rocklin’s students will be provided with a 21st-century learning experience, empowering and providing them with a competitive edge to pursue their goals in college, careers, and as engaged citizens.To achieve this vision, REEF will spearhead a community-wide collaboration that is dedicated to fostering educational excellence, innovation, enrichment, and immersive, hands-on learning across all education domains including the arts, sciences, technology, and social development.

Saint Croix We Value

  • Comprehensive Education
  • Innovation, Curiosity, Collaboration and High Expectations
  • Private/Public Partnerships
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Growth
  • Results

REEF’s Goals

The main objective of REEF is to optimize the educational journey of every student, starting from Transitional Kindergarten and continuing through high school, enabling them to reach their fullest potential. REEF aims to secure and distribute funds to expand the range of opportunities available, fostering widespread academic success within the Rocklin Unified School District.

How does REEF accomplish its goals?

  • Fostering Community Support: REEF secures vital funding through the generosity of businesses, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals within the vibrant Rocklin community.

  • buy priligy usa Enhancing Educational Opportunities: REEF channels these funds to enrich and complement educational programs, services, activities, and resources available to students across the district.

  • Responsive to Community Needs: Attuned to the requirements of Rocklin Unified School District and its individual schools, REEF allocates resources tailored to each grade level, ensuring impactful support throughout RUSD.

  • Empowering Student Success: REEF’s initiatives are all geared towards empowering Rocklin students to excel in their educational journey. Notably, it acknowledges and celebrates significant achievements of both students and schools.

  • Engaging the Community: Through diverse fundraising efforts and campaigns, REEF actively engages Rocklin residents and businesses, fostering awareness of its mission and earning and maintaining the community’s trust.

  • Advocating for Educational Excellence: REEF aspires to lead the discourse on the future of public education in Rocklin and California, striving to be a vanguard in understanding and championing its significance.

Who runs REEF?

REEF’s governance structure is led by a diverse volunteer Board of Directors comprised of educators, parents, and esteemed leaders representing the vibrant Rocklin community. This dedicated board oversees decision-making and strategic actions aligned closely with our mission.

Is REEF part of the Rocklin Unified School District?

No. REEF is a private, non-profit, public benefit corporation. While REEF and the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) are independent of one another, REEF proudly supports RUSD and its schools and staff, who are responsible for educating Rocklin students. While RUSD trustees, administrators, and teachers serve as liaisons on REEF’s Board of Directors, RUSD does not direct or control of REEF’s operations.

What Does REEF Fund? 

REEF allocates funds to supplement and complement the educational programs, services, activities, and products available to students within the District.

  • School Programs – REEF has provided seed funding to launch programs that benefit entire school communities to enhance the education experience within the district. Below are examples of two programs that REEF has brought to the Rocklin Unified School District.

    • Spanish Dual Immersion – REEF provided a grant to fund the launch of the Dual Immersion Program in 2023 at Quarry Trail Elementary. Dual language education provides students a host of academic, cognitive, social and emotional benefits. People who are bilingual tend to have better task planning, more flexible thinking, longer attention spans, and the ability to multitask than people who are monolingual. Being bilingual also provides the ability to see the world from more than one perspective, which is an ongoing boon in today’s globalized world.

    • Breaking Down The Walls - Breaking Down the Walls is a program designed to address the rising mental health needs of students in Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD). It fosters connections among students and staff by encouraging them to share their stories and promoting empathy and understanding. This initiative creates a safe environment through a “play, trust, learn” model, starting with laughter to build trust and eventually leading to learning from diverse perspectives. The funding secured through REEF grant funds has enabled Rocklin Unified to expand the Breaking Down the Walls program across all middle schools annually for several school years versus biennially.

  • Teacher Grants – Each year, REEF funds teacher grants for specific needs identified at the classroom levels. Examples include:

    • A small library of reading books for an elementary school classroom.
    • Furniture and teaching aids for special needs classrooms.
    • Software to teach specific concepts to children struggling in specific classes.
    • Classroom Makerspaces.
    • Resources for the English Language Program.
    • School Gardens.
    • Supplemental Art Supplies.

  • Student Scholarships – Each year REEF funds 25 scholarships for graduating seniors at Whitney, Rocklin and Victory High Schools as they go on to their college experience. The scholarships assist the students with education expenses.

  • Community Summer Civic Program – REEF joins with the City of Rocklin and the Rocklin Unified School District to offer the Summer Civic Career Program (SCCP) which shares the many local government career opportunities with students. The program introduces high school students to some of the behind-the-scenes roles that help the city function. The Summer Civic Career Program provides participants insight into careers in municipal government, inspires them to become more active members of their communities, and highlights the potential of a career in local government. Upon successful completion of the program, REEF awards each student a $500 scholarship.


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